Wednesday, 1 October 2008

23rd Week, with sniffles to boot

So, I am now 23 weeks along!

According to the online pregnancy calendar I've been checking out, here are this week's stats for our baby's development:

Baby's crown to rump length is 21 cm or 8.3 inches.
Baby weighs about 500-600 grams or 1.1-1.3 pounds
Baby's lungs will be developing.
Alveoli are forming.
Baby develops a hand grip reflex and startle reflex.

Apparently last week the baby has grown it's eyebrows and eyelashes! My husband thought that was cute, although baby won't be opening his/her eyes to bat those lashes at us for a few more weeks; I think it's about 26 weeks when baby's eyes are developed enough to open them.

We go see our family doctor Friday morning to find out the results of the ultrasound that I went to on Saturday. My husband finally got to see the baby, but for less than one minute. The technician was in such a fowl mood - we went to a different ultrasound clinic this time, but we were running a few minutes late so I can't say it was all her fault. I called to say we'd be about 8 or 9 minutes late as we were unfamiliar with the area, and started by going the wrong direction. The receptionist was very nice on the phone and said it would be fine. When we got there, the technician rushed through our entire appointment. I can understand, as my being late may delay the rest of the appointments, making her late for her breaks, lunch, etc. I'll do my best to make certain for next time we arrive super early, but this was supposed to be my last obstetrical ultrasound. Any other ones I get will be for the kidney only, so I'll have to bring along some chocolates to treat them if I want to sneak a peek at the baby.

When she was done all of the routine checking, she called for my husband to come in the room, gave him a very quick glance at the baby's head, back, tummy, and arms, and printed off some rushed pictures of these shots. She was pressing so hard on the little wand device that we ended up getting what looked like a skeletal head shot rather than a baby with facial features, but my husband isn't complaining. He's just happy that he finally got to see the baby. I was just hoping he would get enough time to see the baby kick, or waive, or something. The baby did at least open and close his/her mouth, so he was thrilled to see that. You know, I get to feel all these cute little movements, which are still barely felt from the outside; I got to see the baby do summersaults, turns, and kicks for my previous ultrasounds when he was not able to be in the room with me. So I just wanted more for him to be involved in or excited about.

But as the baby grows stronger, he'll be able to feel the kicking more from the outside. Well, more punching or elbowing than kicking, unless the baby changes position. One thing we did find out at the ultrasound was that our baby is in a breech position at the moment, which can change any time. So we aren't worrying about that, but being aware of it. With our first boy, he moved all the time, all over the place, and was always kicking in different spots. That was a lot of fun trying to guess what part was kicking or poking. With our second, he was always in the same place - quite content with where he was, but we could never figure out till he was born wether the poke was coming from a foot, knee, elbow, or fist.

I first thought the baby might be in breech when I noticed there would be pressure on my bladder, even after it was emptied. I could feel what I thought were little kicks, but they would be always kicking very low - never anywhere else, just right down low. The kicking may change spots, but it's almost always below the belt. This week I started getting pokes above the belly button, which seems to be an elbow based on the head being at the top. Just in case the baby decides not to turn, I've bookmarked a website on how to turn breech babies, as I really don't like the idea of a C section. Did you know there are about 17 ways to turn a breech baby? I had no idea! But none of these really apply till thirty-something weeks along. There'd be no point turning baby now, as he/she can just turn right back. My mother delivered my older sister breech, so I can't wait to ask her to tell me all about it.

News on the kidney stone: it was measured and I was told it is "about 9 mm" in size, but have to wait to hear from the doctor officially. I'm happy to hear that, because even one millemeter smaller is good. If I can get it smaller than 7 mm, I can possibly pass it, with much pain. But the smaller, the better. Keep drinking that lemon juice!

I'll try later to upload some of the ultrasound photos for everyone to see.