Sunday, 23 August 2009

Burk's hidden gift

Would you believe it? My little boy has gone from toddler to teen! He's now 13 years old!!!

When my big sister was visiting us last, she gave me a gift to hide until Burk's birthday.
I thought carefully about where to hide it. Somewhere Burk would never look... and decided to put it in the bottom of our baby's diaper bag. There it was, in almost plain sight to anyone who might check inside there to get something for the baby. A few times I've asked Burk to go get me a diaper from Emma's diaper bag, and he was always in such a rush to get this task overwith that he barely look in there. In fact, he'd usually just reach in the bag and pull anything out that was closest to the top. Now and then I'd asked my 5 year old to help me out by bringing me something out of the bag, and while he was a very good helper he never did get to the bottom of the bag. Now don't get me wrong, my older boy can be an excellent helper when needed, but he has an aversion to diapers or anything related to them. I wonder if it's genetic, and if he get's it from his father? And I wonder if there is a world record for the person who has changed the most diapers? I'm sure it would go to one of the caring ladies who has worked in an orphanage most of her life. But for someone to claim that title they would have to actually keep track of each diaper change... not something I would have the time to do.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Emma's first spoonful!

Time flies, eh? Emma is now 6 and a half months old, and time for
her to start baby food. So my friend came over to watch Emma take
her first taste of baby food. Ok, so she's already tried a Farley's
biscuit to gum on when she was teething, but this was her first spoon-
fed baby cereal. We made it very thin, and didn't give her too much.

She loved it! Hubby took photos while she tried it out. Her first
bite was interesting. She waited for the ta.ste to sink in, then
tried to grab the spoon!

Then she went down for a good nap.... zzzzzZZZZZ

Here are some of the photos.

By the way, I'm STILL not finished my table runner yet, but at least
I did finish the crocheted hand towel.

Two very good friends of mine are coming over on the weekend to help
me do a serious de-cluttering of my house! One to help me sort, the
other gets to play with Emma while we sort through the junk into give-
away and throw-away piles. We try to donate to both Cerebral Palsy
and the Canadian Diabetes foundations on a regular basis through
their clothing pick-up program. It's an easy way to pair down on
your closet - if you can't actually walk through your 'walk-in'
closet, just grab a large garbage bag and start tossing things in
it. Then either drop it off to your local Value Village store, Sally
Ann box, or call for a clothing pick-up. Don't worry if you think
your clothes are out-of-date, anything they can't use will get
recycled or turned into other things through one of their many useful