Saturday, 7 June 2008

The irony of it all

This is the weirdest thing. You know how we just had that amazing Spring Fling Coffee Swap? Remember that fantastic package I got in the mail from Lizet, with all those delicious flavours of coffee? If you don't, scroll down a couple posts and check out the photos - she totally spoiled me. Well, when it arrived, I noticed our coffee maker was missing. I think I had donated it for one of those donation programs that comes around asking for your things so they can sell them and donate the funds to charities. So I went shopping for a new coffee maker. I was determined to buy one that was made in America, or from somewhere with fair trade practices. At all the deparment stores I've been to, as well as houseware stores, not one of them was made anywhere but China. As I have been learning about BPA's leeching through plastic, especially when heated, I felt it was important to get one where that would not be the case. As it turns out, most coffee makers have plastic coated baskets or water compartments, and do not label them as per the type of plastic. So the only place I could find a coffee maker that labeled it's parts was actually made in Canada sold at.... Tim Horton's! I think that's kinda funny. I brought it home and couldn't believe how great it worked. My coffee tastes so good! Now for the weird part...

After a few days of enjoying coffee in the morning in my new coffee maker, I brewed up a pot and as I was pouring it into my new Spring mug, I couldn't do it. I couldn't drink the coffee. Something about the smell, which I usually love, was really bothering me. Next day, same thing. I couldn't bring myself to drink a single sip of it. I still make coffee for guests and watch them enjoy their cup, but I can't have any. What a shame, to get such nice coffee, and to now have a sudden aversion for coffee. This has been going on for over a week now, and I've had to force myself to get to bed at a decent hour every night because I know the next morning I can't rely on coffee. Same thing with tea - I can only bring myself to drink cold water. In fact, this aversion to good smelling foods and beverages seems to be aflicting me with many of my normally favourite dinners. I'm having quite a hard time cooking dinner and figuring out what I'll be able to eat. I'm getting so bored of crackers!!! You know what else I find strange? I can't have the same thing twice. If I enjoy a particular meal and have no aversions to it, then try to duplicate that dish later (hours or days) then I just can't stomach it. What the heck? I find this to be so annoying! This of course does not apply to cold sandwiches or subs. I seem to be able to eat them fine, in small proportions.

Other news in swaps: I still haven't registered for the summer dishcloth exchange. I feel so guilty about sending out my package late to Helen, by partner for the Coffee Swap. I was sick and ended up sending it out late, but it was still sent out by mid-May. I can't beleive it hasn't arrived there yet! I can't figure out why the mail is going so slowly, but I emailed her and offered to send out a new package by RUSH mail if she'd like. So even though I'd like to do another dishcloth exchange, I'm a little hesitant at signing up right now. I want to make sure my partner gets her package and that she's happy with it.

Knitting news: I haven't picked up my needles for about 2 weeks. I'm not sure if anyone goes through a knitting lull? I just need to find the right pattern or something. I have a few WIP's and I'm just not motivated to finish them right now. I also just realized that my nephews are reaching the ages of 6 months and 9 months, and I have yet to knit them some baby clothes! I have to fix that before they quickly grow out of baby clothes. I'll check ravelry this weekend for some cute baby patterns.

No photos today: I have lost my camera's memory card, and the 'spare' one. Hope to find it soon, as I really want to take photos of the baby rabbit that is hiding under my front porch where the garden gives it shelter. It's sooo cute! A little Peter Cottontail!