Sunday, 17 May 2009

Springing to Life!

I can't narrow it down further than this. I love it when my tulips
start coming up! It seems like it lasts for such a short time!
But maybe that's what makes them so special to me... I can only enjoy
them for a drop of time each year.
This is one of my most favourite parts of spring.

So, what's your favourite one?

One of my favourite spring photos is the one that Alaina took of her
flowers last year. She's really good with a camera.

I'll see if I can find the link for it.

P.S. if you're wondering why I'm posting this one so late in the spring, it's because I thought I had already posted it, but found it amung the drafts in my dashboard.  What a shame...

Dogs on Thursday

I've read that some people blog about their dogs on Thursdays. I'm
not sure if that's a group they belong to, or just a fun trendy thing.

On Thursday of this week, we planned on bringing Levi, our sheltie to
the park to meet up with two other shelties to play, and take some
Well, it started to rain before we were about to get out the door,
and I know that most other people in our area don't bother taking
their dogs out in the rain.
I don't mind taking my dog out for a shower, and neither does he,
because it usually means he gets a nice brushing afterwards.
But I'm not into taking my 3 month old baby out in the rain.

The next night though, we went out hoping the other dog owners would
figure a rain date meant the next night, same time. But wouldn't you
know it... not a dog in sight. Perhaps the ground was still too
mushy for their paws or something. We started to head back home, and
we came across these two wonderful dogs and their nice owner. She
had a gorgeous newfoundlander, and a daschound (spelling on that
one?). She also has a bulldog at home, but takes him separately for
walks as he pulls on the lead quite strongly.

If you see in the picture below, the newfoundland dog is SITTING
beside the stroller. Sitting. His head is easily as tall as my
Then he was given permission to say hi to my baby girl. I noticed
her looking at him, and I think he may remind her of her cow,
'Cuddles the Cow' that we have at home.
She likes to grab on to Cuddle's ear, or his foot, and shove it in
her mouth - she's teething now, so I did go out and get her some
teething toys to save the poor cow. Don't worry, it's a baby safe
cow. All the eyes and nose parts that you see are embroidered
thread, there are no choking parts.

Do you see the resemblance of the two? From baby Emma's perspective,
you can see that they are both larger than she is (or the cow was, at
first), and they both are adorable, they're both similar in color
markings, and they are both soooo fluffy! Trust me, I got to pet
this dog and he is just as soft as the cow. Of course, only the cow
smells like lavender, but we won't count that against the dog.

So we let the dog come in for a closer look. I was really trying to
see how her expression would be to him; if she would think he was
her cow, or if she would notice he was different. He licked her, so
she obviously wasn't counting on that. It was so funny!

We tried to get a shot of all 3 dogs sitting at the same time, but
the little one was a bit antsy. Do you see how the large dog lying
down is as tall as my dog sitting tall?
Such a sweet dog! He has the nicest temperament! My dog pranced
home, happy to have met up with a dog after all.