Thursday, 22 January 2009

False alarm

My husband, who has been known to sleep through fire alarms, is so anxious that he has become a light sleeper over the last few weeks. This is very rare for him.

Now being almost at my due date, I find it quite difficult to turn over in my sleep. I feel very much like a beached whale, and have to make quite an effort to turn from my right to my left side. This time, when I woke up and decided to turn over, I noticed that there was another obstacle in my way; I had my husband to one side of me, and someone else on the other side. Apparently, my 5 year old boy had woken during the night and decided come sleep in our bed. I was sandwiched. Not wanting to wake either one up, I tried my best to turn over in this confined little space. We really do have a large enough bed, so I don't know why I would be squished... anyways...

I had made so much grunting or groaning noises trying to turn over, that I had woken up my husband. He said, "Is it time?"
Of course, I was out of breath from all the effort and panted out to him that no, I wasn't in labour. I was just turning over.

Funny thing is, I don't recall having such a difficult time turning over when I was pregnant with our other children. I remember feeling big, but not necessarily beached.

5 days left... Anytime now!

Long time no see? Sorry 'bout that. Here I am!

So what's new? I see that my blogger friends have lots of things going on. Anyone get the winter blahs yet? Hopefully not.

I saw the doctor today, and he says anytime now! The baby's head has dropped down, and he says I migh just have the baby before our next scheduled visit that is one week away. I'm so excited! For the last couple of weeks, he kept jokingly saying that he thought this one would be a late baby like our last one. He thought it would wait until beginning of February to be born. But today's visit was a pleasant surprise - I thought he would say the same thing. I told him that I have a bit of extra energy this week compared to last week, and I was told not to do too much with it, or I may get too tired out for labour. My doula said the same thing.

On the way home from the doctor's, I stopped off at Walmart to get some shelves for the basement. I've been spending much time down there sorting junk: give away, throw away, put away. My husband would prefer for me to throw it all away... but I can't do that. I have one shelving unit dedicated just to my yarn stash. I didn't know I had built up that much - it makes me feel a little bit accomplished that I am actually building up a decent stash. And yarn is a naturally good insulator, so that's the added side benefit to having a yarn stash in the winter. Then I have the kids' toys; all the extra ones that we don't use on a regular basis or that I don't want to throw away just incase we want to play with them some time. Then there's the craft supplies... I had no idea that I had so much until I tried to organize them all into one place. Wow.

Then there's the question of hand-me-down clothes for the boys. Do I keep the older boys clothes for our younger son, even though there is 6 years between them? Or do we donate them to let someone else use them and save the space?

I'm not sure if I ever posted a photo of the rainbow scarf I crocheted for my sister last winter... I mailed it out to her, and the staff at the postal outlet goofed up on the address so it got returned to me. By the time she finally got it, spring had almost arrived. I saw her wearing it this winter, and it looks so great on her! She mentioned how she would love to have a funky coloured hat to go with it, so I picked up some more Bernat Rainow yarn and crocheted a hat for her. I finished it this week, so I'm going to mail it out to her using express post or registered mail.

I'm posting a couple photos of the hat so you can see the colours, and a belly shot so you can see how big I'm getting.