Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter Nesting

Emma really liked carrying around the big Easter basket.  She put her tiny little chocolate foil eggs in the bottom of the green paper shredded grass.  Then she decided that she had a better idea for the grass...

Emma decided to make a little nest in the corner of the front hallway for her eggs.  
The furnace vent is right there by the corner, so in theory it would be 
a great place to hatch eggs -- if they weren't made of chocolate.
I explained to her about the chocolate eggs melting,  and asked her to put them back into the basket.
She did, but Emma had other plans for the grass...
What would make more sense than for Emma to make mommy (me) an 
indoor garden with all the indoor grass she had from her basket?
She informed me that the parts of the floor where there is no grass, is the beach.

After we cleaned it all up, Emma gave me a hug and asked if we were ready
to go 'Trick or Tweeting" for Halloween.  I'm not sure how that idea got into her head,
but she has twice since then said, "Happy Halloween!"
What do you think of my garden? 

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