Monday, 21 May 2012

Another Ball Falls Victim

Happy Victoria Day!

For most of us Canadians, this weekend starts us off to the sunny outdoors with camping, gardening, and fireworks! For many of us, it means the first lawn mow of the season.

My family has done our first Drive-In theatre movie of the season. We took the kids to see the Avengers, then stayed for the next feature Mirror Mirror. Emma fell asleep on the way, and actually slept through the entire thing.

In the front yard, we did some gardening together. The kids took me to the plant nursery to pick out new vegetables. We've decided to do lots of edible plants in the backyard this year.

In my back yard, this meant mowing the lawn. The grass had grown considerably this spring - or perhaps I forgot to give it that last mow down in the autumn?

Never the less, this meant clearing out all the kids toys from the high meadow-like grass, and mowing away. Like every year, there are a few tennis balls that I missed. They blend in so easily with the grass. And I wince whenever I hear that thwack sound, which is always followed by half a tennis ball being ejected from my lawn mower. Don't worry though, I have a strict "no one else in the yard while I'm mowing" rule. So no one gets hurt, except the tennis ball...

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