Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Eve wrap ups

Merry Christmas everyone!

If any of you are like me, you might be spending a good portion of your day knitting the last part of those Christmas gifts you meant to complete a long time ago. That, in between baking, chocolate making, and doing Christmas crafts with my kids. Oh, did I mention that my littlest one woke up with a cold today? Trying to help her get rested up web she's so excited about Christmas. I don't think she will be wanting a nap today, but it will be needed. What's on your needles? Any last minute knitting? Or is it last minute shopping?

My 9 year old boy is vigorously folding paper. He is making origami gifts for everyone. This is something he became interested in during autumn, and has become quite good at it. He asks for my help now and then, which is nice because I get to learn with him. I can also encourage him during these frustrating moments of do-overs that mistakes help us to learn new things. He is becoming much more patient with each new project he masters. And yes, we use tape to sometimes hold it together. I know this doesn't always count as proper origami, but we are in it for the fun.

My kids are also following Santa's sleigh today, as he travels the world to drop off presents. If you want to see where Santa Claus is right now, check out NORAD at

At the time of writing this, he was last spotted in Kathmandu, Nepal and is headed toward Dhaka, Bangladesh. Howe cool is that?

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