Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Cluster Maps view counters

Who's reading your blog?  Cluster Maps has a cool app that lets you see how many hits you get from different parts of the world.  Don't worry, it doesn't give away any info like your specific location or things like that, just what country readers are viewing my blog from.  Which is really cool.  I like to see my stats now and then, and find it really interesting when people farther away are reading.  I don't have too many regular followers, which is ok by me.  It's good to have a few friends to keep up to date with.

But I do wonder sometimes to myself, do people find my blog by mistake?  Do they google something that makes mine pop up instead of someone elses?  I've read lots of great yarn/knitting blogs, so I know mine is nothing that will win a blog award or anything like that.  But if people enjoy reading it, that's good.  I do wish people who are popping in for a visit would write a comment to say hi though. 

So check out my latest Cluster Maps numbers:

United States (US)167
Canada (CA)78
Germany (DE)8
Russian Federation (RU)8
United Kingdom (GB)7
Sweden (SE)7
Peru (PE)2
Belgium (BE)1
Netherlands (NL)1
France (FR)1
Hong Kong (HK)1
Taiwan (TW)1
Turkey (TR)1
India (IN)1

Once I had someone reading from Australia, but no more.  :(
If anyone does read me from Australia, and happens to know my old school friend Morgan Reynolds who last I heard lives in Mila Mila (or is it Milla Milla) please tell her hello for me.  After I moved we lost touch.  And she's not even on Facebook!  It's been 13 years since I last heard from her... and I'll bet I'd break my back if we were to have another wrestling match (we pioneered girl's wrestling back in the day).  Too much info? Just pretend you didn't read that then. 

Onto more knitty things, then?

I got more mail today, 2 small parcels, in fact.  I love getting mail in dreary weather.  Grey skies today, with snow that melts when it touches the ground.  Cold.  Brrr.  Good thing I have those new mitts to wear.  :)

Today I received my first Ravelry Round Robin swap.  It's a little different than the other swaps.  You get the parcel, choose something inside that you like, then put something else nice in that someone else would enjoy.  I don't think it includes things like chocolate though.  It's knitting related items.  Here is a photo of my first Round Robin swap parcel.
And here is a photo of the new parcel I will send out, with the new items I've traded in.  Can you see what I took out?
I took out an adorable miniature tapestry carpet bookmark, that Emma keeps trying to borrow for her dollhouse.  It fits perfectly to scale in there, LOL.  I also took out the mini zippered pouch, as it will do nicely for a small notions bag for one of my WIPs.  My goal is to eventually have one mini pouch/bag for each of my WIP's, so I won't have to search for one to take with me when I grab a WIP to stuff in my purse on the way out the door.  I also took the 4 adorable heart shaped buttons.  I think it will be used for something I will knit for my toddler.  Not sure what, yet.  I replaced these items with a little pack of beautiful stitch markers - I know there are already some lovely stitch markers in the parcel already, but I had already bought these to go in before it arrived, and think someone would like them.  I also put in a package of book labels, as I thought this was a good trade for the bookmark. 

I added a knitting themed emery board that I purchased at my LYS, which is fun looking to me.  And my favourite item, which hopefully will make someone laugh, is the humorous sheep birthday card.  You'll have to wait till you get yours in the mail before finding out what it says on the inside.  I thought it was funny.
I hope these items will be claimed by someone during the round robin, we shall wait and see...

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