Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Winter Lingers into Spring

We've had our first spring shower in April, which was so refreshing.  It melted the little bit of snow that had come the night before.  But it didn't last.  Only two days later and the snow is coming back again.  It got cold, too.  I don't mind the rain when it is warm enough to walk through, or the snow when there is enough to play in.  I also like it cold enough that I have a good reason to wear my winter gear.  Yes, I do love my winter accessories.  I love my toques, scarves, and most of all mitts! 

I ended up getting an extra surprise in the mail from my swap pal Alix.  She sent me a hand knitted pair of fingerless gloves, and a craft activity for my boy to play with.  I love these mitts!  I keep showing them to anyone who I chat with during the day.  That brings my total collection of owned knitted fingerless mitts (not ones I have made, they are always given away) to 4 pairs.
I'm so glad I got back in to knitting swaps.  It's so fun!  Thank you very much, Alix!

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