Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Preemie Knit Patterns?

One of the members of a disscussion group I belong to has just had her baby - early.  24 weeks old, and just a pound.  So I have decided to knit her some baby clothes, as they are much needed.  This of course will mean another :) trip to the yarn store, right after I had said that I would be limiting my trips there and going from my stash.  But I do not have any baby yarn in my stash, and I think a preemie would have especially sensitive skin.  Would organic cotton or Blue Skies cotton silk be soft enough?  I have very limited amounts of those anyway, but maybe enough for a baby hat.  Or I could be smart and knit them into colour rows;  then 3 half skeins may make enough for one Owlie Sleep Sack.

I need about 200 yards for this pattern.  I wonder how to make it small enough for a teeny baby, as this is newborn size in the photo.  I'm guessing I would take the same pattern to the yarn store and get smaller yarn and smaller needles, and hope for the best?

I'm trying to find something to try out patterns on, like my toddler's dolls.  If needed, I can try to crochet my own something, but you haven't seen how badly my self-designed crochet projects turn out, as I don't post them.  Here is what I have to work with:

The teddy bear might be the closest in size for now, but this baby will grow...

If you have any suggestions out there for preemie baby patterns, please send me the links in the comment section.  Thanks!

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