Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

My first parcel arrived today from the Valentine's Swap that we've been doing on Ravelry. This swap is so full of goodies. I was surprised at just how many goodies my pal from Germany was able to stuff in the little bubble envelope. Lots of German chocolate, hot chocolate, which makes me happy because I absolutely love to get things that are local to where my pals live.

She was very thoughtful in the selections in per parcel. I love the music! Songs that are so catchy, but I've never heard. Puts a smile on my face when I listen to it. Which is also perfect, because today is such a dreary day outside. Both rain and snow, with slush and ice on the sidewalks with big puddles to walk through. I enjoyed reading on the inside of the CD jewel case the way she decided on this particular dance mix.

Pretty much everything in this package had blue on it, as this was part of our theme. I also got a cute little make-up size bag with hearts and my name sewn onto the side. I really like that. Inside the bag I found more goodies, like a face mask to pamper myself with later, as well as some adorable star shaped bath confetti. I've never seen this before - it's cute! As well, I was given natural aloe hand cream and some lip balm to help get through the rest of winter.

All these goodies were wrapped in a beautiful blue tissue, enclosed with a large blue shiny heart that readn "Happy Valentine's Day".

Thank you, GuapaM for such a nice Valentine! You spoiled me!
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