Saturday, 15 March 2008

I've been spoiled!

... continued from the last post.  Here are the rest of my goodies... from Krystal in the knitter's Scavenger Hunt Swap.

This is the rest of my something green category;  it's all natural Tazo Duet, Herbal infusions of black and green teas.  The inscription on the back of the tea pack reads, "Like tea itself, good fortune is best when shared with others."  And the packaging was made of recycled material, so definitely a good 'green'.  
I had to get a photo of both hands in my new fingerless gloves, so here's me in the mirror!
Something funny/whimsical, this bling bling emory board (I know I won't loose this one around the house! LOL)

This beautiful lilac colored yarn is the Something Round. It's called Catania, made by Schachenmayr nomotta and is 100% cotton.  I do not have any yarn this small, so I'm curious as to what I will make with it?  Once I've entered it into my Ravelry stash, I intend to see what others have made with the same weight yarn.  For those of you curious of the gauge, it says 10 x 10 cm is with 36R and 26M (I assume 36R means rows, not sure what the 26M stands for, other than perhaps stitches across).  

Next is Something Local:  It's a cool bragging rights pen for the local sports team from Ohio State.  We like to collect pens around here, especially pens we don't see everyday.  My husband got a good kick out of it, too, as he was invited to play for them back in high school.

This has been such a great swap to be involved in!  I had a great time spoiling my pal, and I have to say that Krystal did a fantastic job spoiling me!  I love my stuff!

And thanks to Carly, for putting on such a great swap for all of us!


  1. I'm glad you like your gift! Now I can stop worrying about selecting anonymous everytime I leave a comment! lol I'm really glad the gloves fit, I was worried. So happy you like them!

  2. i'll have to remember for the next round to state 'no OSU paraphernalia, please' :) you see, i went to university of michigan, so i cannot endorse giving OSU items. but it's fun that your hubby was asked to play football there!

  3. If it helps, the gauge on the yarn must be rows and stitches. It's always tricky when the label's in German. Also, !0 cm is the same as 4 in, so Gauge is typically based on the same measurements universally.

  4. Krystal, thanks for stopping by! The gloves fit perfectly! They are soooo cozy!

    Carly and Sally, thanks for visiting!

    I have to clarify something: my husband was given a scholarship to play for Ohio State, but on the Wrestling team, not for football. I know, it's not as big as football, but it's still worthy of bragging rights. By the way, I cheered for Michigan and used to collect U of M t-shirts back in high school. I thought they had the coolest basketball shirts. I also cheered for Georgetown. It was a cool thing to collect t-shirts for American university teams, even though we have good universities here. My entire collection of state t-shirts mysteriously went missing during a move.

    Sally, thanks for the tip; I'll use the conversion when I enter my new yarn into my ravelry stash details. I appreciate the help!

  5. What a great gift!!!

    Sounds like it was a really fun swap... is another one planned?

    Nice gloves...can hardly wait to see/hear what projects you have planned for the yarn :)

  6. Hi Alaina! Nice to hear from you again!

    The next swap is being planned for the end of April/early May, I believe. I hope you'll sign up and see how much fun it is!


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