Saturday, 15 March 2008

Scavenger Hunt Package is here!

I checked the mail, and guess what?  My package has arrived from Krystal in Ohio!  Thanks, Krystal!  Unfortunately, my blog is not allowing me to post more than 5 photos, so it may take 2 posts to show you all the goodies I got!

First, here is the 'something hard' category.  I think it's a soduko cube, and will be fun to try out.  My husand claims he is very good at it, but won't be allowed to try it until I'm done!
This is so awesome!  Krystal knitted me a pair of fingerless gloves!  This was part of the category 'Spoiler's Choice:  Somthing Warm'.  I've been longing for a pair of these, but haven't gotten around to making a pair yet.  Now I get to enjoy my very own!  I absolutely adore them!  Isn't she a great spoiler?
Second half of 'Something Warm' was this yummy Hot Cocoa from Starbucks!  Winter's not done here, yet, so I'm saving this for the next blizzard.  We are supposed to expect more snow this weekend.
This is my other favourite item from the swap;  a pattern book called "One Skein Wonders" that will let you do projects using one ball of yarn.  Each pattern shows just how much yardage is needed, and what kind of yarn they used for their sample.  I think this book is great, because I do have a few balls of yarn from purchasing too much, etc. and I would love to use them up when it's time to destash.  I've already decided which project I will start first!  Oh, I almost forgot to tell you what category this was from:  Something related to the letter T:  Try something new!  I like how creative Krystal is!

This was part of 'Something Green'.  It's a skein of Patons SWS, which stands for Soy Wool Stripes.  Natural wool, and feels so nice!  I don't have any of this in my stash, and I'll be picking out a pattern for it from my new book that Krystal gave me.  The other item from this category  will be in the next post, as well as a few other goodies!  To be continued...


  1. Very nice!

    Also, blogger only lets you post 5 at a time,but once you hit 'upload photos', you can go right back and select the photo button again and add 5 more, and again if you need :)

  2. I didn't know that! Thanks for the tip, now I'll know to try that next time! I'm always learning something new here.


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