Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Snazzy's scrumptious yarn!

Look at this fantastic new yarn that arrived in my mailbox today!

This yarn has been specially hand dyed for me by my ravelry friend, Snazzy B.
She knew how much I liked working with colors that gradually change, and how hard they are to come by around here, so she went to work at making me this one of a kind yarn.  Snazzy was even nice enough to ball one skein, so I could get to work on them right away.

I know just what I'm going to do with it, too.  I may need to tweak the pattern a wee little bit if my gauge is off, or I could just use the right needles.  Yeah, that would be better, wouldn't it?

Aren't they absolutely gorgeous?  That's a photo of the pattern which I will cast on tomorrow... I'd love to do it tonight, but hubby says it's date night.  He didn't like it last time I brought yarn to the movies.

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