Wednesday, 27 February 2008

backpost dishcloth

This is the latest dishcloth I've made, in different angles so the light reflects the texture. I sent this one away for my dishcloth pal, and of course forgot to post the photo. The photo just doesn't capture all the details as I see it in person. I really enjoyed this one, and it whipped up really quick! There are some fancy dishcloths I've crocheted, but frogged them as I really couldn't imagine anyone using them to wash anything with. I found this stitch in the perpetual crochet calendar, 365 Stitches.


  1. Hey Jenn, it's your scavenger partner! Ugh, so money is really tight this week, but as soon as my husband gets paid on Saturday, I'll be mailing out your package. :)

    About the dishcloth. The nice thing about dishcloths, I believe has been said somewhere else before, is that you can always try out new stitch patterns to see how they look, in crochet or knitting, and find out how you like the way things are, and SOMEONE will always use the dishcloth. :)

    Ha ha I'm sitting here wondering if in the note I wrote you, I put my information... hmm... I'm SURE I did. :) If not, I'll tell you as soon as you get your gift! Yay I'm excited! And sorry it's not there yet.

  2. Oh, we could make it more fun than that! If your info is missing, we could play hot and cold on the blogs or do a guessing game!

    Oh, if you happen to be mailing the package from outside of Canada, please check that the package is marked as a "gift".

    Great to hear from you again!

  3. The dishcloth is awesome...all three of them are!!

    You spoiled me big time!!!

    Thank you!


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