Thursday, 14 February 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

I tried sending my secret pal a Valentine's ecard, but Hallmark's website was jammed most of the day.  I figure they don't have a big enough server to handle all the traffic they were getting.

So to everyone who didn't get a card from me today, I wish you a terrific Valentine's Day!

Bonus:  my husband bought me a box of Pot of Gold.  I opened it up, and it has my absolute favourite piece of chocolate in the world (that I have tasted thus far).  Coffee Creme!  Oh, so good!  MMMMMMM!  This particular piece is only in one kind of Pot of Gold that I'm aware of;  their Milk Chocolate collection, although I LOVE dark chocolate.  I can't remember if the dark chocolate collection had the coffee creme of not?  But it's ooooo soooo gooood!  I savored the one little piece, and will wait till later before having another.  It would be so cool if Pot of Gold let you custom order just the pieces you liked best, but then would you share your box with other people?  Ha ha ha.  That's why they put so many different kinds in the box, so you will share the pieces you didn't try to claim for yourself!

Have a great day, everyone!


  1. Happy Valentine's Day from your Scavenger Hunt Pal! :)

  2. Thank you!

    I'm going to have a nice cup of tea and probably fall asleep watching a movie... I should just skip the movie and go straight to bed...zzzz
    -been a long day! I keep yawning! I wonder if yawns are contagious over the internet?
    did it work? did you yawn back? Did you ever play with one of those stuffed animals that can yawn? I think they were called yawnies. I still remember the commercial - they were so cute!

    Jenn (too tired to sign in to my own blog)

  3. Oh! How was your valentine's day?

    I'd send you an ecard, but I don't know who you are! I could always send myself one, then post the link here. Too much work for right now, I'm nodding off. Don't think I'll get to that movie after all. I can't believe tomorrow is Friday already!

    Oh here's a question-I was going to get my secret pal one or two skeins of yarn, but can't decide what shade. It looks like the darker shade she keeps getting from her other swaps in the past, and seems to really like it (her fav. color). I don't know if she would get sick of getting the same shade all the time (even though they are all different brands and she keeps saying it's her favourite), or should I get the lighter shade, or one of each? Would that be bothersome to get one of each, as it might not be great for a project? Feedback/suggestions welcome!

  4. P.S. that was me again, this time I forgot to sign my name at the bottom.

    Look at me! having conversations with myself!

    You have my permission to laugh at me.

    Jenn (for 3 posts in a row if anyone's counting)


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